Windows 8 Spaces

About a decade ago I discovered software RAID on Linux. That’s the ability to chain multiple drives together to mirror the data from one to the other, or make them look like one big drive. Or both.

To do so, you have to read a big document and edit a bunch of files:


I used to love doing this. It was interesting to learn how it all worked. Today, I have less time.

I was kind of amazed to find software RAID built in to Windows 8. It’s all point-and-click:
Windows Spaces dialog

You can

  • Mirror drives 2 or 3 times
  • Store parity info for recovery
  • Chain disks together to make bigger drives
  • Some combination of the above
  • Thin provision: Make a 1Tb drive out of a couple of 100Gb drives, then when it starts to run out of space just add more
  • Mix SATA, SCSI and USB disks in all of this
  • Make all of this a network drive and access it from your Mac, PC or whatever

All just built-in to Windows 8.

For a cheap, quick, redundant local data solution it’s actually incredibly useful. More over here.

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