Is Sugar Toxic?

You know how public health has centered around low-fat diets for the last thirty years? It turns out there’s no actual evidence to suggest that’s a good thing. The move to carbohydrates has actually made the problem (heart disease et. al.) worse.

Apparently, fructose (part of sucrose) is metabolized similarly to alcohol, and causes all kinds of problems for you. Enough problems that you shouldn’t touch it, but it’s in everything. A neat way to think about a can of coke is that it’s the same as a can of beer, just without the buzz. It’s that damaging.

There’s a great NYT article over here by Gary Taubes, who you can listen to in podcast form on EconTalk over here. Gary wrote Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

For the full, terrifying, experience, here’s a video for you. It’s 90 minutes long but the whole thing is worth your time.

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