Kickstarter update #3: Many Places

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

I’m writing with a little update on the gps art poster you supported. Thanks for that!

Yay! Code rewrite madness! The original software for this could take up to 2 hours to make a complete print. That doesn’t work when you have lots of prints to make. It has been completely rewritten and now takes about 50 seconds.

(For the technically inclined, originally it scanned hundreds of gigabytes of CSV files on a spinning disk. Now, it works with a smaller MySQL spatial indexed database on an SSD. The code itself is a relatively short ruby script talking to MySQL on one end and the PrawnPDF library at the other. Win!)

The $99 level pledgees now all have previews of their art, or have finalized their print. Soon, they’ll start being printed.

This means it’s time to move to the $59 level pledgees. There are 8 times more of you, and I’ve learnt a few things along the way that should make your process easier. Expect a survey soon to get your info.

For the levels below $59, sit tight, I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, here are a few of the preview images.

image-235213-full-1 image-235214-full-1 image-235215-full-1

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