Kickstarter update #4: Busy

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

Hi, thanks for supporting the GPS ART POSTER!

A quick note on the prints.

I’m working through your area selections. Some of them are incredibly detailed. This is a good thing, but it is taking time. For example, prints asking for “my house near the big park in my town” are really fun. I’m exploring all kinds of new places and making many beautiful prints.

I’ve sent the first batch to the printer, too.

But there is a dark side here, and I need to be extra, extra clear with you. If you didn’t pledge at the $99 level there is no feedback loop.

I will do my best to make a great print for you, but some of the area selections are very hard to get right. For example; county maps are very hard since county boundaries are hard to get right, since they don’t always follow roads or other things in the GPS traces. Instead they follow random other things, like rivers. Or, if you specify “New York” that can mean New York City, Manhattan, New York State… or anything in between.

So, if it is, really, really, important to you that the print is *just* *right* please drop me a message, and consider upgrading to the $99 level, because I want to make you happy.

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