After 15 months or so of pain I now have American Teeth. White, smooth, regular American Teeth. As opposed to, say, British Teeth, from some sort of hellish netherworld of decrepit angular yellow spires. I have a theory about British Teeth; the health system there doesn’t cover it therefore nobody cares. Or, because other people aren’t paying for it, we don’t feel like it’s important. It would be nice to have some data on that.

About a year ago I also paid off my British Debt. That is, the £30k student loan was banished from my life. I’m lucky not to have American Debt. Well, hard work also plays a part in that, but, luck of investing in Gold ETFs helped.

Annoyingly I have however inherited American Weight. I figure, if I can spend 15 months being tortured by metal contraptions to align my teeth… and pay for this… then surely I can drop back to British Weight?

Unfortunately I can’t just pay for this and it will magically happen, like with teeth. The clearest way forward appears to be just cutting out carbs. Sadly, there isn’t really any evidence that calorie counting works, that exercise works, or most of the things that are common knowledge, actually work. See Gary Taubes book. But there is lots of evidence that carbs, and especially fructose, are really, really bad for you and make you fat. Fructose is one half of sugar, the other half being glucose.

The quick way to think about fructose is that it’s the same as alcohol, metabolized in much the same way, screws up your health similarly, but, here’s the rub, you don’t get a kick from it. It’s in basically everything. I tried to find salami recently that didn’t have sugar on it. Couldn’t find any.

So, no more beer for me. I have 23.4lbs to lose.

Of course, what better use for my blog, twitter and the rest, but to tell you what I had for breakfast? Fried egg and two strips of American Bacon by the way.

As for exercise, there are lots of other benefits, just not apparently for sustained weight loss. I’m going to be rocking the 7 minute workout, more on that later.

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  1. Alex-7 May 18, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    It is the link to the very interesting British (BBC) documentary “Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD”, 2102, about the new fundamental discovery in health science:


    I watched it 3 times. Absolutely amazing stuff.

    • Steve Coast May 20, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

      Thanks for the reply 🙂


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    […] four or five days, depending on how you count it, and 7.6lbs down to 15.8 from 23.4, or 1.5lbs a day delta. Thats about one third of the way toward my goal. I feel incredibly good […]

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