Kickstarter update #5: On to the next level

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

Hello, another update on your GPS ART POSTER print.

All but one of the $99 level prints are printed and I should pick them up this week. One didn’t quite make it in to the last run.

All but one of the $59 level prints (of those who responded to the survey) are now with the printer to be printed. One of them is proving a little difficult because it has a lot of lines on it. The original copy was nearly a 2Gb PDF which is about 10 times too big to actually print 🙂

I’ve just ordered about 450 poster tubes, which should be here in about a week. I’ve had to order them in blocks of 50, which means I’ll have lots of spare poster tubes. Presumably these will be useful for pretend sword fights. 🙂

This means, it’s time to open up the surveys, to $39 level supporters and below. So, expect a survey soon.

From my perspective, about 25% of the prints are “done” in the sense that they are printed, or waiting to be printed. Very roughly 50% are remaining to be shipped to the printer (the $39 and $19 levels) and then roughly 25% are digital, desktop wallpaper copies.

With luck, I should be able to get all of them shipped within the projected month of April. But it will be tight, and some might ship in May.  I view the process of putting the prints in to the tubes, labeling and mailing them, as largely a mechanical chore. Compared, that is, to the work involved in taking your descriptions and turning them in to PDF files for the printer. It will take a chunk of time, but hopefully there isn’t much that can go wrong (famous last words).

I’m adding in a little 30 second video of what it’s like to watch a large format printer produce one of these things. It might surprise you how much time it can take. As the tubes and prints start arriving, there should be more interesting pictures and videos to share.

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