Kickstarter update #9: Printing Works!

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

The short story

I’m excited to share that the printer now works. Skip to the bottom to see video evidence.

The long, technical, story

Getting a printer to work, in 2013, may appear to be a trivial thing. Unbox it, plug it in… done. Right?

I built the printer and with the help of three guys lifted it on to its stand. The printer itself weighs about 250lbs. It took a couple of hours to build it.

It took a lot longer to actually get it to print something. The firmware on the device presents a web interface like a network router does. The thing is so highly configurable it will talk essentially any network protocol. It’s so agnostic, it doesn’t even turn on DHCP by default. It took me several hours to figure that out.

There’s at least three ways to print from a computer to the printer. Once you figure all this out, turn off various options which cause obscure errors, configure everything the right way… it prints!

Now, to print and ship some posters!


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