Either four or five days, depending on how you count it, and 7.6lbs down to 15.8 from 23.4, or 1.5lbs a day delta. Thats about one third of the way toward my goal. I feel incredibly good though there have been minor complications, now past.

Om Nom. Nom.

Om Nom. Nom.

I’ve pretty much been eating the largest steaks possible, including a T-Bone the size of a car tire yesterday. Plus veggies, just to save face. Go green and all that. This guy is eating 5,000 calories a day to “disprove” calories in/calories out, which is cute, but there have already been large controlled studies which do the same thing.

Yesterday was bacon & eggs for breakfast. Salami and cracked pepper goats cheese for lunch (about a metric ton of that). Steak, peppers and edamame for dinner. And lots of water. Talking of amounts, when I say eggs I mean three. When I say bacon I mean two strips. This isn’t a calorie restricted diet.

I gave up coffee yesterday which was painful. I have some kind of love for the Right Coffee but the Wrong Coffee gives me the shakes and some form of light-headed trips. The problem is the Right Coffee is just the same as the Wrong Coffee after, I don’t know, 6 cups. It was the same with Diet Coke; I used to do 10 cans of that a day easily until a doctor told me it was a neuro toxin. Then I quit immediately.

I remember that moment with a lot of clarity. I was at some horse trials in Colorado. What that means is a bunch of people drive their horses to a farm and then have to do five or six tricks or something. Like, “ride around in a circle”, best man wins. Or, “ride along a creek and pick up clues”. There is probably some complicated methodology to scoring that I’m too dumb to understand, but at the end of the day someone wins and everyone else gets to have some fun with their horse.

Drink Diet Coke and attractive women will be your friend.

Drink Diet Coke and attractive women of all possible hair colors will be your friend. Even the redhead at the back right that they carefully hid.

Said doctor was standing next to a railing, looked at my can of (delicious) Diet Coke in its shiny silver can, and looked at me like I was some sort of complete idiot and gave me the news. So I threw it away, and haven’t had one since.

Back to coffee. This time, both coffee makers have broken. One broke in the move, and then the french presse decided enough was enough and shattered. Maybe it was in the wrong country, or was just tired of playing second fiddle, but it has exited this Earth and will be turned in to a wine bottle or something in the next life. In any case,  I think the Coffee Gods were sending me a Message which I Received. I’m enjoying Capitalizing too much, too.


2 Responses to 15.8

  1. Ben Gimpert May 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Are you measuring yourself? I found that Atkins / South Beach / no-carb / keto / whatever-we-call-it-now had me losing a bunch of (water) weight in the first couple weeks, but not actually moving the needle much on shape.

    • Steve Coast May 23, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

      yeah, actually, found out this morning that I fit in jeans that i didn’t last week. But, not doing anything quantitative.

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