Kickstarter update #10: How to cut paper

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

Ordinary individuals limit themselves when cutting paper to things like scissors.

Real Men use the Rotatrim MONORAIL 48. Mine arrived today.

Yes, a four foot paper cutter. This is useful when you’re using 44″ paper. Rotatrim actually make cutters over 8 feet long for a cool $1,800. These look good in any living room, government laboratory or space station.

The monorail is actually the lesser, budget, paper cutter. No self-respecting professional would even think of using anything but their dual rail systems, for a straighter, more sure cut. But, the monorail is about half the price and I don’t think I will be able to tell the difference, as a mere amateur study of the art of paper cutting.

Now, I can actually cut the posters efficiently. Below is a picture of the beast, with some scissors for scale.

In other news, the extra large 4 foot poster tubes also arrived yesterday morning.


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