Kickstarter update #12: Posting Prints

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.

Hi another update on your GPS ART POSTER

As a fair weather mustachian I sometimes tire of PUNCHING MYSELF IN THE FACE. That is, I bicycle instead of drive to places. Sometimes.

The post office is a three mile bike ride away. The only problem is to somehow carry posters between these two places. Enter the trailer which is designed to take kids, but is equally good at carrying groceries or… large boxes of posters as you can see below. The box was a little unstable so I used a bungee cord to hold it in place.

Colorado, where I’ve moved to, is one of those places where even normal people cycle. That, combined with a bike path and a short distance meant very few odd looks. The last time I biked, to a bar, in Washington, a passing driver slowed to tell me to “go to hell” which I think was code for “I’m drunk, please inform the police.”

(It turns our American English style is to “close a quote like this”. But, in England “it’s like this.” Who knew?)

On eBay you can even get cargo trailers for your bike. If I had to look, I bet someone’s even written a book on the topic. But for me, having a kid, the kid trailer works.

I wish I could find some comedy in going to the post office, perhaps some kind of DMV-related dark humor on the merits of worst places to be in the world. But, I had a mostly pleasant time mailing posters.

The weighing scales at the post office are flat which works great for, say, packages. For poster tubes not so much, they keep rolling off. Clearly someone needs to do a kickstarter for curved weighing scales for the USPS. So, we spent a lot of time balancing poster tubes on their flat end, pointing up in to the air like a rocket. Or, more often, like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Posters have started arriving, which is great. And, in one piece and undamaged, which is even better.

I’ve run out of paper and ordered more which will arrive today or tomorrow. This time the rolls are the same width as the prints, so for example I have 200 feet of 36 inch wide paper. This will make printing even quicker since the printer includes an automatic paper cutter.

Lastly, if you’re waiting to hear back from me, apologies for the delay but I will get back to you, often when I’m best placed to take care of your print request (quite a few people have minor change requests, changes of address and so on).

image-257189-full image-257190-full

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