Kickstarter update #13: Website

I’m catching up my blog to the kickstarter updates I’ve been posting. Here’s the original.


I’ve spent a little time to make a website;

Now, I can point people who missed the kickstarter, or want more posters, over there, instead of making a big long list of people.

It was built using the awesome tools by woo themes including woo commerce and thesuperstore theme. WordPress is incredibly good these days. With a $4.29 domain name from godaddy (always, always use coupon codes from fatwallet), a few hours and some free tools, building a site like this is now trivial.

The theme was actually free as a bonus download since I already have a woo theme for another site. The hosting too. But, if we factor them in anyway, the sum total to build the site is under $100 plus a few hours playing with settings.

There are a couple of minor design issues I don’t like; the blue login bar is a pain, the product sorting functionality is superfluous… but it’s worked out pretty well so far.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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