OSM PLUS logoOSM PLUS is returning in 2014 after a super successful event in 2013 with 80 attendees discussing how to use OSM to solve business problems, sharing solutions and discussing the common issues that we face leveraging OSM data.

The event will be directly after the State of the Map (the awesome community-focused event), on the 14th of April in Washington, DC. Tickets are available now.

This year we will focus on discussion points and panels, bringing together the spectrum of users of OSM data to jointly figure out how to manage quality, fix the holes and efficiently leverage OSM while remaining respectful of the licensing issues that surround the project.

Why attend the OpenStreetMap Professional Large User Summit?

You’re professional. Professional users of OSM have different priorities to the Free and Open communities. You have expectations to meet and deadlines to make. You need a degree of certainty. Join us April 14th to learn how OSM can support professional use cases. Learn how others use it today in professional settings and discuss the future of OSM in your world.

You’re focused. You appreciate the community’s Open Data mission, but you need answers and facts. OSM PLUS is a forum for a select group of professional users to come together. It is a space for professionals to have open conversations about how to move the state of the art forward in open mapping. Space is limited!

You’re not alone. People like you will attend. Professional users of OSM data and tools are now everywhere. They have similar concerns, similar questions and a similar mindset. Come and meet them. Find out what they’re doing and look for areas of collaboration.

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