10 Ideas for Southwest Airlines

I love James Altuchers “send someone 10 ideas a day” thing and have been doing it for a while. I figure, since the response rate is pretty low why not just make them public too?

  1. I almost made A-List preferred in 2014. Southwest should email me in December and tell me I’m going to miss it by a few flights. Southwest should email me in January and say “hey for $100 you can top up to get to A-List Preferred” so I don’t miss out. You get more revenue, I don’t miss the opportunity like I did.
  2. The front row on the plane has nowhere to store a bag since there is no seat in front. This is especially painful for people picking the middle seats late in boarding since the overhead bins are full. Figure out a way for the front row to have some storage and it’ll make it available to people like me with a laptop who get on the plane first but have to sit further back because there’s no space even though the seats are free.
  3. Fix the WiFi. It’s only ever barely worked. I took a Lufthansa 747 over the Atlantic a few months ago and used their WiFi. Whatever those guys are doing works.
  4. Stop sending me drinks coupons if I don’t drink. Figure out some other reward, since people just sell them on eBay.
  5. Make the drinks coupons digital in the app and save the paper and mailing costs. Figure out a way to avoid fraud with QR codes or something. Maybe print them on the ticket.
  6. TSA are your number one customer pain point. Help A-List customers get Clear cards and figure out a way to make TSA die.
  7. Mobile boarding passes disappear from the app when the flight is delayed since it thinks you’ve boarded and taken off. Fix that. It’s causing gate staff to reprint tons of passes.
  8. The mobile app makes it painful to scroll through all the cities to find the one you want when booking. Let me type a few letters to narrow the list down.
  9. Add baggage tracking to the app. Let me get alerts when the bag is scanned off the plane and so on.
  10. Partner with Uber and UberX so someone is waiting for me when I land and knows where to take me. Let me set this up in-flight on the wifi.

One Response to 10 Ideas for Southwest Airlines

  1. Robert February 22, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

    All good points Steve! I’ll add my top one here, as an A-List member myself…

    11. Improve the seats! Southwest installed “Evolve” seating a couple years ago as part of adding a row of seats to most aircraft (meaning decreased legroom). They elected to use thinnner seat cushions on the same seat frames. So now the seating position is much less comfortable especially for tall people. Southwest has admitted that the new seats are not comfortable, but have yet to take any action on this.

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