Contrarian, or the Opposite Movement

The worlds richest software engineer doesn’t live in Silicon Valley but Bellevue, Washington. The worlds richest investor doesn’t live in New York City, but Omaha, Nebraska. Even the world’s richest actor doesn’t live in Hollywood, but Long Island.

It appears that the best metric for success in everything is to go figure out what most people do and then do the opposite. Everyone watches TV, throw it out. Everyone eats pizza and drinks beers, don’t do that. Everyone has credit cards, go debit. Everyone needs permission to do anything, don’t ask for it. Everyone bitches and moans, be positive. Everyone drives a car, walk. Everyone goes to University, run away screaming.

Or, write software anywhere but in Silicon Valley, invest anywhere but in Wall Street and act anywhere but in LA.

The opportunity here, if you can live with yourself, is awesome. Sell the idiots TV shows, pizza, loans, self-help permission books, negative news, ridiculous cars and school loans. Or by proxy, invest in those things if (to echo Ben Graham) they are underpriced and offer a margin of safety.

What I want to do is find a way to short anyone who just copies. China copying American infrastructure (skyscrapers to airports to freeways) instead of the constitution. Bing copying Google instead of building Siri. Students going to college thinking a degree is a differentiator. Everyone making black rectangles that look like an iPhone.

Then I want to write a book on all this mimicry that is everywhere, and why it’s so problematic.

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