What is it?


What is it? is a free iPhone app for recognizing objects. You point it at things and the app will recognize the stillness of the scene, vibrate, take a photo and tell you what the object is. It’s “always on” and watching on purpose, just point your phone at something and it will attempt to recognize it.

And if it’s wrong, you can fix it by tapping the flashing text and typing what it is.

The app relies heavily on ImageIdentify[] from Wolfram Research. You can play with their website here on a phone, tablet or desktop device. The backend of the app is powered by the rather wonderful Wolfram Cloud which makes building something like this very easy.

Using Wolfram Cloud isn’t far from using Mathematica, and you can deploy APIs trivially from both:

APIFunction[{“image” -> “Image”}, ImageIdentify[#image] &]]

That’s about all it takes. The system returns a URL and you can then use that to make requests against. Mathematica and the Wolfram Cloud go way, way beyond this basic example of course. I can’t recommend enough that you play with this stuff. In a couple of weeks there’s a new book coming out on it too!

Today, this app has some decent if limited capabilities. The goal is something better than a star trek tricorder – something that will tell you the species of a leaf or the model year and trim of a car.

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