How Alex Mahrou from CH2M got MapClub shut down

MapClub's funding curve

MapClub’s funding curve

Kickstarter notified us yesterday that they were shutting MapClub down, and of course wouldn’t share why. This is despite the funding being successful and 15 people signing up. Fair enough, it’s their baby and their rules.

Well now we know why – Alex Mahrou’s long, angry and sarcastic investigative piece on why people shouldn’t do things that he disagrees with.

There are two primary failures in the piece. The biggest by far, is that he starts out by describing Ryan Holiday’s excellent books on stoicism, not taking things personally and not trying to control the things you can’t change. From there, he leaps in to a 54 page detailed blog post about trying to change other people and being angry about them doing something he dislikes… thus missing the entire point of the books. (which really are excellent by the way).

Another book that might help Alex is The Fish that Ate the Whale, which is all about not following rules that other people set you.

Anyhow, problem number two was missing the dry humor in the kickstarter about Peter, James and I being “luminaries”. More accurate descriptions may be “drunkards” or “skeptics” perhaps. It’s entertaining to see something thrown in there as a self-deprecating joke being taken so far, because I don’t think any of us take ourselves that seriously.

CH2M’s website mentions that they are “turning challenge into opportunity” which no doubt Alex focuses on day-to-day. The challenge of getting your random idea kickstarter shut down of course is the opportunity to fund it in other ways, without kickstarter’s 5-10% cut.

One of the more memorable stories in The Fish that Ate the Whale is about exactly this. When Zemurray couldn’t build a bridge to his banana plantations because his competitors had got the government to ban bridges, he built two piers and put a barge between them instead.

So, thanks Alex for your positive contributions to the world. Good luck banning more bridges, I’m off to build more piers.

3 Responses to How Alex Mahrou from CH2M got MapClub shut down

  1. Alex Mahrou July 27, 2016 at 1:58 pm #

    “That which hurts, also instructs” – Benjamin Franklin.

    I wish I could live up to the evil villain pulling the strings at Kickstarter, but honestly, Kickstarter shut you down.

    I wish you luck in your future pursuits.



  2. August 4, 2016 at 9:50 am #

    Looks like Alex has pulled the piece. It’s still available in all of its “glory” on the wayback machine, though:

    — scruss from osm (I’m not sure this auth worked right)


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