Airbus anti-collision lights part 2

Back in December I wrote about making a portable anti-collision light systems for, say, cyclists using the Airbus scheme.

That first version used a generic full-size Arduino unit. I’ve been miniaturizing it and changing hardware platforms over the last month or so as parts arrive from China. Here’s version 2 below. It adds the tail light, switches to a LiPo battery and uses a trinket instead of an Arduino:

Version 3 moves to an ATTiny85 programmer board:

Version 4 uses just the the ATTiny84 IC and switches to rechargeable AAA batteries. By rearranging components I removed 8 wires and added an on/off switch:

The next step is to put the thing on some strip board and/or design a PCB and case for it. There are a bunch of mixed considerations as the case and PCB layout interact with each other, and I’d like it to be waterproof for helmet mounting for cyclists. The battery type introduces a lot of complexity – a rechargeable lithium cell is probably best but that means integrating the charging cicuitry and having a USB socket on the thing. I have more parts ordered from China to test all of this.

2 Responses to Airbus anti-collision lights part 2

  1. johds February 17, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

    Ohoy mate, LTNS.

    Just like in the early OSM days, I have to play devils advocate, with your good ideas. Bear in mind that a lot of countries have laws regarding what kind of lighting and which colour it may be, for bicycles and other vehicles. I.E here in Denmark (and probably most, if not all of EU), and forward visible lighting on a bicycle has to be white, and any rearward visible lighting has to be red.
    Strobing it is a great way of drawing attention and thereby making you more visible in the traffic, and modern bicycle lights are able to do that. Again with the legal limitation that the forward facing light has to be white and the rearlight has to be red.
    An omnidirectional position light as on a plane, would probably not be legal, due to the above mention legal requirements.

    Best regards, J.D. (Dan) Schmidt
    P.s. Holler if you need more wicker animals for Valentines gifts 😉

    • Steve Coast February 20, 2017 at 10:09 am #

      Maybe you’re right.

      Either way, I don’t live in Denmark so it doesn’t affect me. Even if it does, it would probably be a 5 or 6 sigma event to get a ticket for the wrong kind of bike light.

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