How to Outsource

I shipped a short book on kindle and paperback about outsourcing – how to find people, work with them, divide things up, communicate and so on. This is based on spending years with UpWork, oDesk, elance and other tools. Quite a few people asked me to summarize the best way to use these tools and so I wrote it all up. From the amazon page:

People like you would like to outsource work to those around the globe who can do it faster, better or cheaper than you can.

This book gets you started quickly and teaches you how to think about the work, how to find the right people and how to hire them using tools like UpWork, 99Designs, CrowdSpring and Mechanical Turk.

Along the way you’ll learn best practices and tips so you don’t waste time and money outsourcing the wrong things to the wrong people.

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